The Lexinta Group owns a number of companies across three continents.

Lexinta AG
Asset Management

“We pride ourselves on listening carefully to our clients, daring to innovate, and adapting to market place trends…”

Lexinta AG is an innovating Middle-market asset management firm serving clients internationally.

Eternitrade AG
Investment Manager

“We are committed in our pursuit of the innovative ideas today that seek to benefit our investment community tomorrow…”

Eternitrade AG serves as an investment manager for the Lexinta Group.

Lexinta Capital

“The Lexinta Capital Management Fund is a stand-alone equity hedge fund …”

Lexinta Single
Opportunity Fund

“The Lexinta Single Opportunity Fund is a primary investor in the energy sector and looks to outperform the MSCI World/Energy Index…”

Lexinta Philanthropy

“We at Lexinta are strongly committed to citizenship and community…”

For more information please contact Lexinta Philanthropy.

Lexinta Global
Marketing SL

“Lexinta Global Marketing SL is our in-house marketing and PR company, keeping us connected with our investment community…”

Lexinta Global Marketing SL from its offices in Spain serves to support the global network of the Lexinta Group.