Investment Philosophy & Process

At Lexinta we recognise that there are not many acts of greater financial faith than entrusting money to another.  Our investment philosophy is a core set of beliefs that are adhered to for the sole purpose of making our client’s investment portfolios work for them.

  • Values
  • Fundamentals
  • Opportunity
  • Discipline
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency

Although adopting rigorous value driven principles, we do keep an attentive eye on special situations and opportunities that the markets may offer from time-to-time, preceded by risk conscious strategies, that seek to add value to the portfolio, with a strong emphasis on preservation of capital.

We have historically implemented and optimized superior financial plans for our clients. We are driven by our client’s success. It is our privilege to work alongside them and ensure that their financial aspirations unfold as they envision.


Investment Process

The investment process outlines the methodology in creating a portfolio, emphasizing the sequence of actions involved from understanding the client’s risk preferences to asset allocation and selection to performance evaluation.

Our investment process follows our investment philosophy and continues in a six (6) stage disciplined methodology until the portfolio is composed, with the assets that conform to our clients given risk profile

  1. Client Profile & Client Goals.
  2. Investment Objectives & Risk Analysis.
  3. Macro Economic & Market Analysis.
  4. Asset Allocation.
  5. Investment Selection.
  6. Implementation & Review.

Our investment process methodology has been developed to focus on the elements of control and to minimise volatility, therefore ensuring our clients portfolios are best positioned to take advantage of market divergence, as it occurs.

Asset allocations are continually reviewed to ensure they remain appropriate to achieving the investment objective. This ensures the active management of portfolios and allows us to make any necessary adjustments in portfolio re-evaluation and re-balancing.